Story of DisMoi

A passion for equal wellness

why are people recovered themselves

in each different pace ?

 As one of a professional athlete among the front-line of the sports community, Mr. Kawabe was aware of the question that "Why those athletes are recovering from their injury in each different pace?  What kind of matter is affecting to each individual's condition? "So after his retiring, Mr. Kawabe tried to find out the reason it works so and started the research on the frequency within the human body. The research reports that the individual pace in recovering from injury or illness depends on the different frequency level of each person's brain internal signal toward the troubled parts of the body.  This internal frequency matters how you healed. This difference comes from each lifestyle includes exercise, eating and sleeping habits, mental conditions, moreover on environmental matters contacted. At present Mr. Kawabe established this ' frequency processedⓇ ' method to be applied more products and is widely contributing to the medical and sports industries based on the studies experienced himself.

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Founder of the frequency processing​  

Mr. Masami Kawabe

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A heart-oriented product, DisMoi

Mr. Kawabe says “Our body cannot hide anything in using a frequency “  Always he advises to all his patients and fellow athletes that, “ Don't keep secrets to your body.”  At present all medical supports and contributions for his associated world class athletes are designed which is based on the same technology used in DisMoi.  Since the beginning of an athlete used DisMoi necklace at the Sidney Olympic of the year 2000, this product continuously used among many top athletes at the international sports conventions include Olympic.  We can see Mr. Kawabe's dairy cordial dedication for various fields through the fact of  his staff are playing a major role as medical science stuff for Olympic athletes now. Mr. Kawabe keeps in mind a strong preference “ Processing frequency for our product with heart “  This word impresses us how Mr. Kawabe cares about the body sincerely and may tell us the importance of precise uses of frequency shows remarkable effect to our body.  So it’s so delicate thing and DisMoi is a very rare production made by such master's warm handling of frequency.

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Peerless arts of the future wellness gear

 This frequency method passed an important turning point from a perfect match Daiko International Co,.Ltd.  It discovered the possibility to produce the modern sensitive design into such a natural stone of Matera or black silica which originally contains magnetic efficacy in itself.  So the combination of the idea that the frequency and the processing technology for these materials transformed this method further progress. Actually those natural stones are rare to find in high grade and also limited to mining, and even harder to process into the component. In such reasons other jewelry makers used to stay away from these materials. Normally this processing,  reduced piece of completed stage approximately 3/4 at the final evaluation.  Nonetheless, the factory finally succeeded to producing a unit stably by all hand works and is securing 1/2 of the component. 

 This challenge became a first world milestone for the jewelry industry.  Three following reasons kept in all members realized such genuine product of DisMoi.  One is a query to the modern health, second is medical quest for an easier way in personal care for every generation. And third reason is a passion toward the holistic wellness.

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